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Press Release - Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant for 30.000 inhabitants of Gjakova

Einweihung der Wasserkläranlage in Gjakova

Einweihung der Wasserkläranlage in Gjakova, © KfW Kosovo

11.05.2023 - Pressemitteilung

Urban Wastewater Treatment Plant for 30.000 inhabitants of Gjakova constructed with support of Switzerland and Germany

Thanks to Germany and Switzerland, and their close cooperation with the Government of Kosovo and Gjakova Municipality, a large urban wastewater treatment plant was opened in Gjakova on 11 May 2023 which will serve an equivalent of 30.000 inhabitants. The project was successfully implemented by the German Development Bank KfW.

German Ambassador Mr. Jörn Rohde emphasized:

„German taxpayers have contributed 6 Million Euro to the construction of Gjakova wastewater treatment plant which will improve the quality of rivers, lakes and groundwaters and thus significantly improve the health and quality of living of around 30.000 Kosovar citizens. I sincerely appreciate the excellent cooperation with Switzerland and the outstanding implementation via KfW Development Bank, as well as the engagement of our estimated Kosovan partners.“

Swiss Ambassador Thomas Kolly stated:

„Switzerland continues to support the water sector in Kosovo. Initiated jointly with the German and Kosovo governments, the 8 million euros Swiss investment has enabled the construction of the wastewater treatment plant of Gjakova as well as the replacement and repairs of the sewage network which will directly benefit the citizens of Gjakova, whilst also contribute to the long-term protection of water sources in Kosovo and Albania…“

The Mayor of Gjakova, Ardian Gjini, and the Managing Director of Gjakova RWC, Mr. Hasan Krasniqi were present in the ceremony as well.

The total project cost amounted to 17 million EUR. While Switzerland and Germany stemmed the major part of the investment, the remaining amount of 3 million Euro is funded by the Municipality of Gjakova.

In parallel, Germany is currently supporting the Regional Water Company Gjakova with an additional grant of EUR 17.5 million, which will equally benefit Peja, Gjakova, and Prizren. The focus is here on the rehabilitation of the wastewater networks and the division of stormwater from the wastewater network to significantly lower costs for the municipalities.

The wastewater programs also aims to protect the water sources of Kosovo and Albania, and particularly protect the Drini River that discharges in Albania as well as the Albanian Lake in the territory of Kosovo from further pollution.

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