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Quint Statement on the Implementation of the Registration of the Decani Monastery’s Land, March 14, 2024


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14.03.2024 - Artikel

The Heads of Mission of France, Germany, Italy, the United Kingdom, the United States, and the European Union welcome and commend the action of the Government of Kosovo to implement the 2016 Constitutional Court decision, which confirmed the Decani Monastery’s ownership of several hectares of land.

Directing the Central Cadastral Office to register this land to the Decani Monastery and ensuring that this action has been completed is a significant step forward by the Kosovan authorities, in line with its European and Euro-Atlantic aspirations.

As we stated last May on the anniversary of the Constitutional Court decision, enforcing the rule of law and respecting judicial independence are obligations for all democratically elected governments and necessary preconditions for Kosovo’s integration into European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.

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