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Joint Press Release on the Kosovar-German Government Negotiations

Kosovar-German Governement Negotiations 2024

Kosovar-German Governement Negotiations 2024, © Ministry of Finance, Kosovo

01.05.2024 - Artikel

Negotiations Kosovo - Germany: Germany pledges 90 million euros for employment, energy, and Kosovo's integration into the EU

Following the conclusion of negotiations between Kosovo and Germany, the German Government pledged additional support of 90 million euros to the Republic of Kosovo for the period 2024/2025, of which 20 million euros are in the form of grants. This new agreement marks a significant increase in the value of support compared to the previous period 2022/2023, which was valued at 37 million euros, thus demonstrating a deepening of cooperation between the two countries.

These funds will be used to support Kosovo's integration into the European Union and will focus, among other things, on investments in the energy sector, specifically the decarbonization process, ensuring sustainable economic development, providing training and employment, as well as supporting municipalities, especially in waste management and environmental conservation.

Minister of Finance, Labour, and Transfers, Mr. Hekuran Murati emphasized the close cooperation with the German Government, mentioning several important projects that have been implemented under this cooperation, such as the project for the construction of a solar water heater and the rehabilitation of wastewater in Pristina, waste management throughout Kosovo, as well as the establishment of the Innovation and Training Park (ITP) in Prizren. Regarding the pledged support today, Minister Murati thanked the German Government, emphasizing that such support further strengthens the relations between the two countries, promotes the economic development of Kosovo, and brings it closer to the European Union.

For his part, German Ambassador Jörn Rohde emphasized German-Kosovar cooperation, saying that the latter has contributed to a better standard of living for all citizens, promoting economic growth and regular employment. According to Ambassador Rohde, the next projects to be implemented through the pledged funds today will strengthen women's economic independence and promote Kosovo's green and innovative economic development.

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